Stage / Street Show

Nat conducts an amazing show for street or stage incorporating many of his skills, including hat manipulation, juggling, comedy and improvisation,  all leading up to a death-defying finale where he juggles knives while balanced upon a 7ft unicycle.

And one lucky audience member gets to set his head on fire!!

Show length – 20 mins to 45mins.

- Mari Macdonald, Arts Development Team
Nat worked really hard at our event. His banter was lovely, tricks AMAZING to say the least and it was great the way he included the audience in the show. I would be glad to have the opportunity to work together again.
- Steve Cousins – Lets Circus
I've often booked Nat because there are not many people who climb on top of a unicycle, juggle, and set their head on fire. I recommend that you book Nat if there's no-one near you that does that.